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now heres a scary thought...im thinking

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about the disaster that has happened in Japan, and the impending nuclear destruction about to overtake not only Japan, but more then likely the rest of the world...

I posted this on my facebook "I do not mean what I am about to write to sound or be funny. But I do believe that we are looking at the eve of humanities destruction...Oh, woe is the hubris of man that believes he can tame nature. As we stand on the precepise of a multi reactor meltdown in Japan, I saw that we should all pry that gd takes pity on all of us for thinking we can tame the wild beast that is nature."

I think the most important part of what I wrote there is this "Oh, woe is the hubris of man that believes he can tame nature." Why is it that we believe that we can tell nature what to do? Doesn't nature always win?

I have never been afraid to be alive, infact I have thanked gd that I have been lucky enough to be born during a time when technology and knowledge itself advances at a pace never before seen in humanity. But I can now say that after witenessing the events that have taken place in the last week, I am afraid to see what is to come.

I only hope that if there is a future, that we are smarter in it.


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