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musings..I do them best at about 2-3 in the morning, now don't I?

So, I dont know why, but lately I have been thinking about ways to save our public education system(k-12).

I think I might have come up with an idea that just might work. Its all thanks to thinking about our consumerist culture, and high school football teams:-P.

We all know that companies are always looking for new ad sources, and goodwill sources. What better way to show said goodwill, and get a primo advertising spot to the primary demographics, then sponsor a public school system(or just a single school)?

I am going to be contacting different school systems to try and set up meetings with superintendants to talk about them looking into this. Or, maybe use me as an intermediary. I believe this might be a good way to a) save some teacher jobs, b) lower school taxes, while improving schools, or c) both.

Maybe we could have two different rates for the sponsorships, one price for the whole district, and another for individual buildings.

What do you think? Am I just barking up a mythical tree that wont get me anything, or does anyone think this is possible?


dont know if you can do that in a public school setting.
(i'll know much more by mid-august.)
I have been looking into it, and I have found nothing that says you cant do it.

On the contrary, one would think that since sports teams and stadiums can be funded privately, then whole schools could.

As long as the advertising does not distract from the goal of learning.



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