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lost in thought

So, most of you know that I work at Office Depot. At Office Depot, we fix computer software problems in store.

I had a customer come in today with a LG laptop. As some of you might realize LG does not sell computers in north America, but they do over in Europe. This chap was from the middle east originally, and bought it in Israel( I did not know that LG sold computers in Israel.) While working on his daughters computer I realized that they had not included the laptop power source with it, so the daughter left to get it, and would return about half hour later.

While she was gone, I was talking to the father, I learned that he was born in a Palestinian area in the 50's. He was there during wars, and turmoil. Until he left in the 70's. He lived all over South America for a number of years till he came to the states.

I started to mention my trip a number of years ago to Israel, and he told me that he didn't leave, per se, he was thrown out. See he was a dissident in the PLO, he wanted co-existence between Jews and Muslims. He also wanted Israel to be the country to rule, not a separate Palestine. He stated that almost all of the Palestinian rulers have been horribly corrupt, and that does not happen in Israel.

This got me thinking all day. I cant get over that a man at that time in history, did not want a Palestine.

At least part of the Middle East would be much more uneventful if that had happened. don't you think?


it's sad to me that people can't seem to have their own views and still respect others...
cause there would be a lot less problems in the world...
personally, as long as you try to be a decent, nice person... I don't care what you believe in -- yes it might interest me, but I'm not going to hold it against you if it's not what I believe...