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Now for the preamble...

I was watching MSNBC with Manda tonight, they were talking about Dr. Tiller's murder. For those of you who have had your head in the clouds for the last couple of days, Dr.Tiller was a late term abortion doctor that was slain while being an usher at his church in Kentucky.

MSNBC was talking about how there are many "catholic" organizations that are praising his death, and calling it righteous for him to be gone.

They also said something which really cofused me..They kept saying that he was right now facing Jesus for his sins? As I understand religion(s) there is only one entity that can pass judgement on a human. Call him what you will, but to most people that entity would be called GOD.

What I would like people to help me find out is two fold:
A) when did Jesus in christianity replace God as another deity that can be worshiped (and in the process not be breaking one of the most sacred, ten commandments, "thou shalt have no other GOD before me, and that you shall not make an idol in his image.")
B) If Jesus is a replacement for GOD, and people do in fact worship him and not GOD himself, does this not make them idolaters and not worthy of GODS love? Are they themselves doomed to hell for this breaking of such holy scripture?

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I'm obviously not a specialist, but I think the idea is it's not idolatry because Jesus _is_ God, in that they are different facets of the same entity. And, as an ex-human, the Jesus aspect of the trinity is the one whose job it is to interface with humans.

Or something like that.
that might be true,

but in the same token if Jesus is part of the trinity, therefore a "version" of GOD, if you will. Then the crucifix which many Christians pray to, is an idol to GOD.

I never figured out that bit myself, to be honest.
Check out the history of the religion, starting with the First Council of Nicaea. Much of what comprises modern-day Christianity was formulated then, and with the prime purpose of unifying the religion and strengthening it against other religions.
congrats. this is one of the reasons I became pagan. that and hypocrisy ftw!