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for those of you that dont know about the fun some of us buffaloninas are going through...

So a person at Wegmans on Sheridan Dr in Amherst, was found friday to have Hepatitis A...she worked in the produce department...

some of you may realise that Produce is a really good place for Hep A to live...

This is causing a health scare, involving an estimated 80,000 people.

This is a health scare that erie county has never seen....it was the first time that they had to enact the public health crisis plan..

I would say that it is not going well...see over the past couple of year (2003-pres) Erie county has decided to cut back on little things, like corrections officers, police officers, DMV, and the offices of public health...THEY ONLY HAVE 25 NURSES ON STAFF!!!!

I went with my mother who needed the shot at 645...we did not leave ECC NORTH till 9! some people had been there since 4 this afternoon, and where just getting ready to leave..

So i say to the county Exec...that refuses to call himself that for those that dont know... RUN SOME MORE FUCKING DRILLS, AND ALSO HIRE SOME LIFESAVING NURSES!


is that the one near ub north? i think i got the shot a couple summers ago, but it may have been for hepatitus B. Did it say how long she was working there for?
no, its in the middle of Amherst...the by north is on Maple, this is on Sheridan...and they said people that bought produce from that local after Jan 7..but ate it after Jan27 would need the shot...and everyone needs a hep B vaccine to get into college...if you are dorming...so that would be what you got...not Hep A...

Hep A is the least deadly of all Hep...usually lasts two months, and then u can never get it again...just you get really really sick...like sick as a dog..gonna die gonna die..sick.
Loverly. That's one nearest my grandmother, but I'm told my family usually buys their produce elsewhere.