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a notice to people

as some of you will see I am going through and weeding people and things I want out of my LJ... if you do not comment, or you do not say anything constructive when you do comment...then you are going to get deleted...I am tired of my LJ causing drama, or bad things to happen to me...This is a place where I write to get my feelings. A place to say things I dare not say to people in person. and a place to just write. so if you can't stand that..then leave, and I will delete you as soon as I see.

end of post.


Will you keep me? I know I don't comment a whole lot but I love reading your journal and I'm always here if you really do need to talk. As far as I know I don't cause drama, heh. I never judge.
I added you back,
i rarely comment. so, am i getting cut?
nope, you don't cause drama, and when you do comment its usually something worth reading
I think I'm safe, I comment occationally and don't start shit.
Am I going away? I feel like we were finally getting our link back to chat!
no, I see where you are with a lot of things right now..I think we are sorta in the same place...I think we can help eachother...so you no leave.
if you leave me, i will comment when i have something helpful

just like before :)
keep me! I don't commment but I do read your lj all the time. I rather say my comments on im or something :)
Why'd you delete me, I thought I was safe? I don't start drama, I have contributed valid information in comments, and I haven't judged you.

What the heck did I do?