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Mar. 15th, 2011


now heres a scary thought...im thinking

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about the disaster that has happened in Japan, and the impending nuclear destruction about to overtake not only Japan, but more then likely the rest of the world...

I posted this on my facebook "I do not mean what I am about to write to sound or be funny. But I do believe that we are looking at the eve of humanities destruction...Oh, woe is the hubris of man that believes he can tame nature. As we stand on the precepise of a multi reactor meltdown in Japan, I saw that we should all pry that gd takes pity on all of us for thinking we can tame the wild beast that is nature."

I think the most important part of what I wrote there is this "Oh, woe is the hubris of man that believes he can tame nature." Why is it that we believe that we can tell nature what to do? Doesn't nature always win?

I have never been afraid to be alive, infact I have thanked gd that I have been lucky enough to be born during a time when technology and knowledge itself advances at a pace never before seen in humanity. But I can now say that after witenessing the events that have taken place in the last week, I am afraid to see what is to come.

I only hope that if there is a future, that we are smarter in it.

Jun. 17th, 2010


musings..I do them best at about 2-3 in the morning, now don't I?

So, I dont know why, but lately I have been thinking about ways to save our public education system(k-12).

I think I might have come up with an idea that just might work. Its all thanks to thinking about our consumerist culture, and high school football teams:-P.

We all know that companies are always looking for new ad sources, and goodwill sources. What better way to show said goodwill, and get a primo advertising spot to the primary demographics, then sponsor a public school system(or just a single school)?

I am going to be contacting different school systems to try and set up meetings with superintendants to talk about them looking into this. Or, maybe use me as an intermediary. I believe this might be a good way to a) save some teacher jobs, b) lower school taxes, while improving schools, or c) both.

Maybe we could have two different rates for the sponsorships, one price for the whole district, and another for individual buildings.

What do you think? Am I just barking up a mythical tree that wont get me anything, or does anyone think this is possible?

May. 31st, 2010



So I was looking at the yahoo news replies to the current story about Israel stopping the floatila trying to get to the Gaza strip.

they keep saying that Israel needs to give back the land that is rightfully theres.

All I will say on the topic is this:

When we as a young and small nation began our policy of Manifest Destiny we thought that we had the right to take over land that belonged to another people, the Native Americans. Now I ask you, the reader of this, Why do we not give back the land to them. They were here way before us!

Mar. 11th, 2010


lost in thought

So, most of you know that I work at Office Depot. At Office Depot, we fix computer software problems in store.

I had a customer come in today with a LG laptop. As some of you might realize LG does not sell computers in north America, but they do over in Europe. This chap was from the middle east originally, and bought it in Israel( I did not know that LG sold computers in Israel.) While working on his daughters computer I realized that they had not included the laptop power source with it, so the daughter left to get it, and would return about half hour later.

While she was gone, I was talking to the father, I learned that he was born in a Palestinian area in the 50's. He was there during wars, and turmoil. Until he left in the 70's. He lived all over South America for a number of years till he came to the states.

I started to mention my trip a number of years ago to Israel, and he told me that he didn't leave, per se, he was thrown out. See he was a dissident in the PLO, he wanted co-existence between Jews and Muslims. He also wanted Israel to be the country to rule, not a separate Palestine. He stated that almost all of the Palestinian rulers have been horribly corrupt, and that does not happen in Israel.

This got me thinking all day. I cant get over that a man at that time in history, did not want a Palestine.

At least part of the Middle East would be much more uneventful if that had happened. don't you think?

Feb. 22nd, 2010


cant sleep

no clowns will eat me though.

that is all.

I am watching newsreadio, cant sleep.

When you get really really tired, the first season of this show, is sooo funny.

wow! this post has no point.

I am sorry for taking up your friends page.

Enjoy your day/.

Feb. 2nd, 2010


come sail away with me...

Im feeling lost. I have nothing going for me in life, I have no friends(atleast that is how it feels). I actually cried myself to sleep last night. I havent done that since i left UB.

Im not depressed per se. I think this is more me wondering what I am doing in life. Yesterday I kept getting into fights with Manda. I think this happened because Im feeling empty. I cant stop from crying. And the person that I want to talk to, atleast right now, wants nothing to do with me.

When did I lose all my friends? When did my life stop being life, and started to be a routine? Maybe this is just SAD. IDK.

Maybe this is just depression talking. I know I am right(or atleast it seems like it is) when I say I have no friends. People that I thought were my friends from UB where just there to stab me in the back. I couldnt cut it there, so they cut me off from there life. Im actually happy that i have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with APO. They claim that they have a three fold purpose. But what they dont tell you is that there three fold purpose is backstabbing, hatred, and maybe a bit of service to community. that is really different then there stated three fold purpose of Friendship, Leadership, and Service.

I think that is where my life started to go wrong. I joined a group of people that I thought would be friends, if not for life, would atleast help when i needed it. And I couldnt have been more wrong.

Well, enough with this pity party.

Jan. 27th, 2010


(no subject)

ugh...i keep starting posts, and they never seem to go anywhere...So I am just embedding Avenue jew...

Dec. 1st, 2009


(no subject)

You ever get into one of those contemplative moods, that makes it impossible to do anything else but think?

Thank is what is going on with me for the last couple of days. Ever since I lost my job last week(a whole long long story that I might post some other time, but lets just say..losing ones job right before holidays is not fun.)

I am going to be 25 in a little more then four months. A quoter of a century has passed since i was born. I keep thinking about what have I done with my life, where is my life going? I have yet to get more then first semester freshman credit in college, and I know that college is not for everyone, but I feel like I have failed in this respect. I hold education in such a high regard, yet I can't learn in a traditional setting. I know a little about a whole bunch of things, but can never seem to apply that to anything important. By this point in my life I wanted to either A)be on my way towards teaching, B) running for some political office, or C)acting professionally.

As you can tell I have not accomplished any of this. I kind of feel like I am permently treading water. The only thing I am sure about, is my relationship with Manda. I know that we will, eventually, get married, once she figures out where she will be for a sustained period of time(and we can save money:-P I love you sweetie)

this part of the U2 sone, "Stuck in the moment" keeps going through my head:
You've got to get yourself together
You've got stuck in a moment
And now you can't get out of it
Don't say that later will be better
Now you're stuck in a moment
And you can't get out of it

I dont know, I guess I feel kinda useless now that I lost a job that i liked. I felt that being in retail management actually gave my life direction and meaning. Now I have lost it.

I had a lot more going through my head, but I am finding it hard to put it down on "paper". I guess this will have to be a two part entry.


Jun. 18th, 2009


hopefully this will work

Jun. 1st, 2009



Now for the preamble...

I was watching MSNBC with Manda tonight, they were talking about Dr. Tiller's murder. For those of you who have had your head in the clouds for the last couple of days, Dr.Tiller was a late term abortion doctor that was slain while being an usher at his church in Kentucky.

MSNBC was talking about how there are many "catholic" organizations that are praising his death, and calling it righteous for him to be gone.

They also said something which really cofused me..They kept saying that he was right now facing Jesus for his sins? As I understand religion(s) there is only one entity that can pass judgement on a human. Call him what you will, but to most people that entity would be called GOD.

What I would like people to help me find out is two fold:
A) when did Jesus in christianity replace God as another deity that can be worshiped (and in the process not be breaking one of the most sacred, ten commandments, "thou shalt have no other GOD before me, and that you shall not make an idol in his image.")
B) If Jesus is a replacement for GOD, and people do in fact worship him and not GOD himself, does this not make them idolaters and not worthy of GODS love? Are they themselves doomed to hell for this breaking of such holy scripture?

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Oct. 6th, 2008


some political videos to brightnen up your day:)

as always I will put them under a cut:)

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Sep. 1st, 2008


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Aug. 22nd, 2008



I am going to put an ad in the Omaha NB newspaper, advertising some babysitting care...then give the runt up at the local safe-haven shelter, regardless of there age!


Feb. 9th, 2008


for those of you that dont know about the fun some of us buffaloninas are going through...

So a person at Wegmans on Sheridan Dr in Amherst, was found friday to have Hepatitis A...she worked in the produce department...

some of you may realise that Produce is a really good place for Hep A to live...

This is causing a health scare, involving an estimated 80,000 people.

This is a health scare that erie county has never seen....it was the first time that they had to enact the public health crisis plan..

I would say that it is not going well...see over the past couple of year (2003-pres) Erie county has decided to cut back on little things, like corrections officers, police officers, DMV, and the offices of public health...THEY ONLY HAVE 25 NURSES ON STAFF!!!!

I went with my mother who needed the shot at 645...we did not leave ECC NORTH till 9! some people had been there since 4 this afternoon, and where just getting ready to leave..

So i say to the county Exec...that refuses to call himself that for those that dont know... RUN SOME MORE FUCKING DRILLS, AND ALSO HIRE SOME LIFESAVING NURSES!

lemming time

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Nov. 8th, 2007


(no subject)

I am addicted to this song non. I dont know what has happened to Matchbox's sound, but whatever they have done. I really really like it.

and as the song says, lets see how far we've come...

if you ask me 2007 has been one of the busiest years in recent memory, so I want to ask the people on my flist, whats been the biggest this this year. We are almost done, less then two months. I'll go first.

in world politics, we saw Israel finally willing to talk about giving up part of Jerusalem over to the Palestinian gov't.

Oct. 5th, 2007



These are just some odd or cool links that I have found recently..you might have seen them already, but I just found them :-P

ever wonder what the gov't thinks you should do incase of an emergancy???

Why is it that one person can't own an canadanian??

and here are just some interesting things

Apr. 5th, 2007


*poof* he reappears

if only for a second

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Dec. 21st, 2006


wanna help me ear ringtones? click me and help

click me..help me!

Dec. 19th, 2006


a dumb criminal round-up for all of you to enjoy on this Tuesday

but first this really really strange news...

and now on to the criminals..

*a buffalo criminal ahead*


and I think this will teach those criminals that think that petty crimes are just those:P

in other news, not that anyone really cares...but I will be in NYC for the next day or so...so me might not be reachable..not like I normally am:-P

Nov. 30th, 2006


the games I am playing...

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I am now playing Infection, please join my teamCollapse )

Oct. 31st, 2006


you guys must hate me

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Oct. 22nd, 2006


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i have come to the realisation that i can be a real asshole almost 90 percent of the time and the other 10 percent is of trying to apologize 4 being sed ass

Oct. 20th, 2006


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me and amanda are back

Oct. 9th, 2006


this one gets its own post...

stolen from ithilimp

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Aug. 19th, 2006


a notice to people

as some of you will see I am going through and weeding people and things I want out of my LJ... if you do not comment, or you do not say anything constructive when you do comment...then you are going to get deleted...I am tired of my LJ causing drama, or bad things to happen to me...This is a place where I write to get my feelings. A place to say things I dare not say to people in person. and a place to just write. so if you can't stand that..then leave, and I will delete you as soon as I see.

end of post.

Jul. 29th, 2006


(no subject)



Jul. 2nd, 2006


Operation removes light bulb from anus-Reuters

MULTAN, Pakistan (Reuters) - Fateh Mohammad, a prisoninmate in Pakistan, says he woke up last weekend with a glass lightbulb in his anus.Wednesday night, doctors brought Mohammad's misery to an end after a one-and-a-half hour operation to remove the object.

"Thanks Allah, now I feel comfort. Today, I had my breakfast. I was just drinking water, nothing else," Mohammad,a grey-beared man in his mid-40s, told Reuters from a hospital bed in the southern central city of Multan.

"We had to take it out intact," said Dr. Farrukh Aftab at Nishtar Hospital. "Had it been broken inside, it would be a very very complicated situation."

Mohammad, who is serving a four-year sentence for making liquor, prohibited for Muslims, said he was shocked when he was first told the cause of his discomfort. He swears he didn'tknow the bulb was there.

"When I woke up I felt a pain in my lower abdomen, but later in hospital, they told me this," Mohammad said.

"I don't know who did this to me. Police or other prisoners."

The doctor treating Mohammad said he'd never encountered anything like it before, and doubted the felon's story that someone had drugged him and inserted the bulb while he was comatose.


(no subject)

so everyone...wanna know where you can get all the dirt on mine and Amanda's weeding?

head on over to marriedpeople and add it:)  that is our wedding journal..

we will be posting all our registry, et al. There

so come on you know you want to add it;)

you dirty voyuers you:-P


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